Why Decorative Glass Chippings are used around Graves

Why Decorative Glass Chippings are used around Graves

Losing someone who was near or known to you is heart-breaking. After the body has been laid to rest, visitors, family members, friends and acquaintances often visit the grave of the departed, often presuming that the deceased has found peace in the grave. While there is no redemption for personal loss, what you can do is keep the grave well maintained and decorated. This probably just eases the pain of those visiting the deceased, and for many people, grave decorations are a way to deal with the grief and pain.

Reasons to choose glass chippings

  1. While some of the cemeteries have strict rules for gravesite decoration, it is often seen that people use glass chippings to decorate the area. It isn’t a must, but makes many people feel better for their loved ones. Unlike using other decorative, family and friends also opt for chippings for the fact that these are made from recycled glass, and therefore, this is more environment-friendly choice.
  2. Also, for those who are unable to visit the grave with fresh flowers every single day, chippings are the least expensive and one of the most unique ideas. 
  3. Glass chippings are also used frequently for the variety available. You can find whole range of colors to choose from, and if you want to pay a tribute to the departed soul, you can choose his/her favorite colors to create a pattern around the grave. Green chippings are most popular options
  4. Often people use chippings around graves for maintaining the area around. Many of the other options of decoration can damage or wear out with rain and change in weather, but that’s not the case with glass chippings.
  5. Chippings are also easy to maintain, and you can choose to go for more sheer colors, which will reflect more light for a better effect. 

Tips to use glass chippings

Before you buy glass chippings for a grave, you should start with asking the cemetery first. It is also essential that you know of the space that can be used for decoration. Avoid too many things around and on a grave, because minimalism often works the best. There may be a few restrictions for added elements like flags and flowers, which should be discussed in detail.

There is no consolation when someone departs for the better world, but with a little effort, you can surely console your mind.

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